Maintenance Outerwear: Comfort in the Cold

Sacrificing comfort for a professional look is never a good idea. Think about this scenario: Your maintenance staff is working outdoors as the temperature begins to drop. They shiver, they look unhappy, and your guests begin to notice. Whether your front desk personnel work close to the entry (and often get caught in the cool breeze!) or your handyman spends a lot of time going out into the frigid temperatures, you need to make sure that they look good and feel warm enough to get the job done as happily as possible.

That’s where maintenance outerwear really makes a big difference. Shop through our selection of jackets, coats, and other attractive hospitality outerwear items to find the pieces that are perfect for your staff’s unique needs. We realize that every staff is different, and we strive to carry the best items for all of your essential staff members.

Our motto is simple: A comfortable staff is a happy staff. And, of course, a happy staff will be able to serve your customers better. Protect your valuable team members from the cooler temperatures and the elements with maintenance outerwear from the selection here at Averill’s Sharper Uniforms. Whatever you need… we’ve got you covered! (Literally.)

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