Averill’s Top Picks: Only Buy the Best for your Business

When you’re outfitting your business hospitality staff, you want to make sure that you get absolutely the best uniforms on the market today. Where do you turn? How do you know what’s good? It’s easy enough to read through product descriptions and decide whether or not a particular uniform item will be right for you – but what if you need a little bit more information? Well, we’re here each and every day working with the uniforms that we sell. We know these products just as well (or even better!) than anyone out there, and we want to pass that wealth of knowledge along to you before you purchase the uniforms for your staff.

Check out “Averill’s Top Picks” on our website. Not only is this page a veritable treasure trove of information about our uniforms – it also highlights some of our top products. We know that you give your customers and clients the very best, and that’s why we feel as though you deserve the best, too. Take a little bit of time and read through the info on the Averill’s Top Picks page and learn about the uniforms in our store before you buy them. We’ve touched, worn, and washed samples of every uniform that we sell – so you can trust our judgment.

Bonus Tip: When ordering in volume, it’s always a good idea to order samples first.

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