Unique Doorman Uniforms for Your Establishment

As the fall and winter traveling season begin tapping at your door, it’s important to make sure that your staff are decked out in classy and new hotel uniforms. Sharper Uniforms, your online source for the best uniforms available at amazing prices, offers selections for every team member, including doorman and bellhop selections. Here are a few highlights from our collection:

Hotel Uniforms | SharperUniforms.com

Dorman/Concierge Jacket – For that classic style, Sharper Uniforms offers this high-end, affordable selection for your doormen and concierge staff. This is a stylish-cut jacket that is available in black, white, and grey colors.

Men’s Value Poly Pleated Comfort Fit Pant – Hotels across the country have chosen these quality pants for their hotel staff. They are very comfortable and feature a hook and eye closure.

Valet Doorman’s Shirt – Have your hotel logo embroidered onto these great valet doormen shirts. These are short sleeve selections that feature two flap pockets, a straight back yoke seam, and matching buttons. Furthermore, they are made with moisture wicking fabric to keep everyone cool!

Don’t let your doormen and bellhops start this next travel season with old uniforms. Sharper Uniforms always offers the classiest selections for all hotels, making sure that your crew look impressive and ready to help at all times.

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