Look Sharp for the Holidays!

People can’t help but get caught up in the magic of the holiday season. This time of year is extra-special, which is why so many people bust out their best attire when going out. To make your establishment worthy of the best holiday traffic, add a fun touch to your staff uniforms. There are several easy and affordable ways to give your employee’s outfits a dressed-up touch that’s perfectly fitting for the holiday season.

For guys, we love that ties can immediately add a pop of color to a uniform. Several colors are especially popular during the holidays, including red, green and blue. However, don’t overlook the many metallic colors that crop up this time of year. Pairing formal shirts with gold or silver bow ties for men is especially fitting for special occasions like holiday parties. And these days, it’s very chic to have the ladies don a tie as well. Including ties for women makes the staff look more cohesive while adding an elegant touch to everyone’s wardrobe.

Holiday Uniforms

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If the ladies on your staff prefer a more feminine look, scarves are the way to go. Like ties, they add an elegant touch without much added expense. Plus, there are tons of prints and colors available to match the scarf to the season, and you can even find handsome ascots for men. For a polished, professional look, have your employees pair a wing collar shirt with a stylish holiday scarf.

When you’re going all out for an occasion like New Year’s Eve, have your staff dress to the nines in tuxedo shirts. With tux shirts, you get an iconic, formal look that makes a party feel exciting and exclusive. Plus, you can find distinct cuts for men’s tuxedo shirts and women’s tuxedo shirts to make sure every employee has that chic, tailored look.

Be ready for this special time of year by stocking up on holiday essentials for your staff uniforms. Matching your staff look to the occasion is essential for presenting your business as you desire to.

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