Ladies Cocktail and Night Club Blouses

As a business owner, you know it’s important for your staff to dress appropriately for their position and for the image the company is trying to portray. If you own a night club or cocktail lounge, finding the right balance between sultry and professional can be a real challenge. Fortunately, Sharper Uniforms carries a large selection of ladies cocktail and night club blouses to choose from that are sleek, sophisticated and perfect for your upscale business.

Designed for Women

While many industries are fine for unisex designs, the entertainment industry is not. You want a blouse that’s off-the-rack, but looks tailored. Look for a blouse that’s cut to fit a woman to make your female servers, hostesses, bartenders and other staff look their best. Shortened sleeves, smaller collars and curved hemlines are all details you should look for.

Ladies Blouses


A good rule of thumb when choosing uniforms for night club employees is that you should aim to have your staff look like the professional version of your clientele. If you’re hoping to create the hottest night club in town, picking a blouse that’s boldly colored and shiny will help set the mood for clients. If you’re looking to create more of a laid back sports bar type atmosphere, a simple polo shirt will suffice. The style of the shirt should also be appropriate for the position of the person wearing it. Your waitresses will need something more functional since they’ll be moving a lot and carrying things. Your bartender will need a shirt that won’t show spills. Your hostess will be the first to greet customers, so she should be dressed in something slightly more formal.



Once you’ve selected your style and color, it’s time to think about customization. Adding a logo can help you brand your business. Employee names are always a welcome addition, particularly if they’re a server and will be interacting with customers. When thinking about customization, take into account the style and color of the shirt to make sure your design will be visible.

Finding the right ladies blouse for your nightclub or cocktail lounge employee is vital to setting the mood for your establishment. Take your time, try a few different options and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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