Look your Best In Our Selection of Vests

One of the easiest ways to create a more professional look for your staff uniforms is by adding vests. This accessory is essential when you want your employees to present a polished appearance to every customer or client. Unlike a suit jacket or blazer, they don’t constrict performance in settings like restaurant service and catering. Instead, they add a luxury, high-end look while still allowing your staff to perform their work easily.

Another bonus with choosing uniform vests is the many stylish options it allows for. In restaurants where you want an upscale yet comfortable feel, for example, a vest paired with a plain shirt elevates your staff uniform without looking too stuffy. Meanwhile, catering staff members who pair a vest with a tie or bow tie fit in seamlessly at black tie affairs and other formal events. You can complete the look with matching ties or go with a complementary color for a more dynamic look. When choosing a shirt, you can keep the colors neutral or go with a bright contrasting tone for a fun and eye-catching appearance.

High Button Uniform Vest

The options really are endless when it comes to styling uniform vests, especially since we have such a wide variety of styles at Sharper Uniforms. Choose from men’s or women’s sizing to get a flattering fit for each employee. There are a variety of colors and cuts available as well. Best of all, our affordable uniform decoration services make it easy to customize your vests with names or logos. Choose from screen printing, heat seal transfers and embroidery to get the final look you want. Add an extra touch of class to your top-notch service by ordering uniforms vests from Sharper Uniforms. E-mail us or call 877-284-1761 for more information about our vest options and custom logo services.

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