Convenience Meets Comfort: Waist and Bistro Aprons

Waist aprons may seem like a simple part of a uniform, but they may be the most important tool for your staff members. Whether you’re outfitting staff at a busy restaurant or a bustling card room, the right apron can make all the difference in having happy customers and employees at the end of the day.

Aprons allow servers to carry pens, note pads, and check slips, with pockets that are far more convenient and easy to access than standard pants pockets. They also protect pants from disastrous spills and splashes. Outfitting your waitstaff or dealers with the right apron also adds a touch of style that will make the right statement to your customers. In other words, waist aprons are essential to helping your employees do their jobs easily and effectively, especially in a high traffic environment.

Waist and Bistro Aprons

Sharper Uniforms offers a variety of wholesale, made-in-the-USA waist and bistro aprons to fit your business needs. Our aprons are all made from a comfortable cotton and polyester blend with high quality twill, making them wrinkle resistant even after a full shift. Our aprons also have a soil release finish, allowing for easy clean-up.

Both form and function are an important part of any apron, and our wide selection features a multitude, of colors, sizes, and designs. Looking for a simple black bistro apron for your small café? What about six-pocket multi-colored waitress aprons for your bustling 100-table restaurant? Or maybe no-pocket dealer aprons for the employees working in your new poker room? Sharper Uniforms can provide all these and more. We also offer embroidering, uniform decoration, and customization services, allowing you to tailor your order to meet exact specifications. We even have volume pricing as well as free shipping on qualifying orders.

Shop our inventory today and find the right waist apron for you and your staff. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll help you equip your staff with exactly what they need to stand out in more ways than one.

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