Update Your Look for the Fall: Blouses, Shirts and Neckwear

As the leaves turn from green to vibrant hues of yellow, orange and red, it signals another change of season. It also signals a change in the cloths that you wear. It also is important to accessorize with complimentary neckwear.

Smart professionals look for a perfect mix of style, comfort and performance in their blouses, shirts and neckwear. Styles today are ranging from V-neck and cowl-neck blouse to smart and stylish long-sleeve French-cut blouses.

You also can simplify your life with a uniform, simply slipping on a favorite blouse before heading off to work. The next day, you do the same thing. The key is to define a personal uniform that is easy to maintain and doesn’t need an update with every season.

This fall, you can take advantage of that strategy with stylish offerings from Sharper Uniforms. You can never have too many three-quarter sleeve blouses, especially with a little flair like our smart no-iron server blouse. It will make you look more like Jennifer Konnor and less like a manager, waiter or hostess.


A uniform blouse doesn’t have to be a bland, styleless fashion statement. Options include cotton-poly blends and designs that feature a flattering fit.  The choice of a daily blouse doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can be accessorized by fashionable neckwear. It can serve as a perfect counterpoint to any outfit. Ties, ascots and scarves all serve to dress up any blouse or shirt.

In the past, women’s neckwear has been rooted in a uniform look. Whether it is a service-based industry or the military, neckwear for women has traditionally been limited to formal ties.

This fall, experimentation is the norm as women are doing different things with the once-formal piece of neckwear. While the necktie isn’t likely to become a fixture of women’s wardrobes, even for uniforms, it can provide a nice chance of pace in any professional or retail setting.

Women’s ensembles also can be capped with a smart ascot or scarf that can be color coordinated to match men’s ties. Typically considered formal, the ascot’s name is derived from the annual Royal Ascot even hosted by the Ascot Racecourse. Many options come in easy-to-care-for polyester. Colors and styles can complement fall fashions. For fall work fashions, the ascot can be the perfect uniform accessory. It can work in a dressy casual outfit. Scarves are best suited for more casual activities.

Visit Sharper Uniforms online to browse our complete inventory of blouses and neckwear for fall. We feature the latest styles and materials that provide comfort and style.

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