Time to Restock Aprons for the Fall Season

For many businesses, fall is the perfect time to restock supplies. The busy summer months are in the rearview mirror. The hectic pace of the holidays are looming. It provides the perfect time to make a change. This can include restocking key pieces of apparel, including your aprons.

The change in weather also offers the opportunity to integrate a new apron. This also presents a chance to select an apron that may be designed with a little heavier material.  The available designs also protect the clothes of your staff from spills, splashes and other stains. Sharper Uniforms offers a wide range of uniforms, from standard aprons, half bistro aprons, three-pocket aprons, bib aprons and waist aprons.

The perfect apron also will be made out of different materials like poly-cotton blends for durability. These food service aprons vary in length to provide more or less coverage, even in the fall. Selecting a pocketed bib apron can be perfect for utensils, pads, pens and more.

Waist Aprons for the Fall

Colors and styles also can be switched up in the fall to coordinate to your business colors or the upcoming holidays. It also is important to select an apron that is durable. They also should be designed to withstand heavy use and frequent trips through the wash and dryer.

This fall, key fashion influences continue to be a key driver to uniform and apron trends. Materials and designs create a trendy style. Even chain restaurants are trying to create a more casual appearance for its staff.

As a result, as you take the opportunity to restock your apron supply, style remains important. The selection can be just as important as your menu. It also can be a perfect opportunity to enhance brand awareness.

Aprons are subjected to heavy wear and tear. It is imperative to select a high-quality apron that will look as good next month as it does the day you take it out of the packaging. Seeking input from your staff also can help you determine which features are most important and ensure you are making the right investment as you restock aprons this fall.

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