This Just In: New Washable Suits and Microfiber Suits

Since the earliest days of film and television characters have undergone tremendous physical feats while wearing two-piece suits — Sean Connery as James Bond, Cary Grant in North by Northwest, or Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven. However, anybody who owns a suit knows that the slightest brush against dirty bench, or a smudge of lipstick can call for a trip to the drycleaners. Not to mention, the rigidity in most suit-fabrics hardly allow you to bend over to pick up a fallen pen, let alone jump from one rooftop to the next. Any person who’s attempted to live a life of adventure dressed in a suit is inevitably on a first name basis with the local tailor, dry-cleaner, and suit salesman, because suits have never been designed for the active lifestyle.

Fortunately, as our understanding of fabric evolves, exciting new possibilities emerge. For the first time Sharper Uniforms is offering fully Washable Microfiber Suits. Now you can keep your suit perfectly clean without the hassle of stopping by the dry-cleaner on your way to and from work. You can wash these suits yourself from home, at your own convenience.

washable microfiber suits

To boot, the cross-stitched fabrics allow for more stretch than a typical suit, which means your dreams of winning an impromptu game of office volleyball may become a reality. Expand your daily horizons by sitting cross-legged on the ground, riding a bike, or pitching a softball without feeling constricted. Don’t let the flexibility fool you, though, these classy suits don’t sacrifice design or style. The narrow notched lapels will give you a contemporary flare, combined with the on-trend two-button jacket.

Look great, save time and money, and simplify your life. Next time you see a butterfly, try to catch it. If you see somebody about to slip, dive to save them. If you’re challenged to hopscotch, don’t turn your back – you got this. These cutting-edge suits keep clean lines and well-tailored shapes and make a great addition to any professional’s wardrobe.

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