Stylish Neckwear to Enhance your Outfit

Stylish Neckwear Adds Flair to Staff Uniforms

The most affordable way to add a stylish look to ordinary hospitality uniforms is with the right neckwear. Choose the same colors in ascots, ties, bowties and scarves, or mix up the palette to best complement the setting, theme and ambiance of your restaurant, spa, hotel or resort. Bowties or neckties in subtle to bold colors for men and women from our neckwear collections at Sharper Uniforms have become signature looks for the staff of celebrated caterers and resorts.

Dress up any hotel, restaurant or catering uniform shirt with one of our satin-finish bow ties. The secret behind the polished look is that this is a no-hassles clip-on bow tie, and one size fits all. Bring this stylish look up a notch by pairing bow ties with our premium-quality, but very affordably priced hospitality industry men’s vests and stylish vests for women. Because we offer neckwear at lower prices with bulk-buy discounts, we’re also becoming the go-to source to meet the non-uniform neckwear needs of community associations, choirs, clubs and college campus organizations.

formal neckwear for uniforms

Some in the hospitality industry once upon a time disdained classic neckties as a time-consuming burden for a staff with varying skill levels in the art of tying a necktie. Today, the popular choice is zippered neckties. These are pre-tied neckties. Slip the tie’s self-adjusting loop over your head, and then zip it up from behind using the hidden-from-view zipper.

To achieve a formal uniform look, choose neckties, scarves, ascots or bowties in premium fabrics in solid colors or subtle patterns. Less formal and casual hospitality uniforms can be dressed up with bolder colors or patterns in contemporary neckwear styles. Savvy hospitality industry apparel collections include two sets – one set of neckwear for everyday use and another set for special events. This year’s popular alternative to women’s uniform bowties or neckties is our rosette ties for women in a poly/satin blend. This versatile look easily segues from everyday to formal occasions, as does the feminine look of our women’s tulip ties.

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