Get the Front of the House Staff Ready with New Aprons!



Aprons are the unsung heroes of the restaurant world, especially for your front of the house staff. Not only does a good apron protect a server’s clothing from food stains, it also provides the perfect accommodations for a notepad, pen and other essentials. A good apron will do double duty by keeping your servers and other front of house staff organized while also making them easily identifiable to customers. Get your front of the house staff ready with new aprons from Averill’s Sharper Uniforms.SU blog - 2.28.17

Aprons come in many shapes and styles. For servers, waist and bistro aprons are the most popular choices. Waist aprons are a best-selling style and can be found in all types of restaurants. Commonly worn by servers, waist aprons can be purchased with any number of pockets, divisions, pen holders and other built-in organizational tools. The lightweight aprons tie around the waist and are considered some of the easiest to move in. For those that need a little more coverage, a bistro apron is a great choice. Like their shorter counterparts, bistro aprons tie at the waist, but extend well beyond the knee for added protection.

For those that have additional duties beyond serving, like drink preparation or plating, a bib style apron is the way to go. These types of aprons offer full-body protection from the neck to mid-leg and come in a variety of styles both with and without pockets. Bib aprons have a strap that goes around the neck and one that goes behind the back to keep the cover in place. While bib aprons are designed to protect the staff member, they also have a very traditional look that can still be identified as a server. They’re most often worn by front of house staff that work behind a counter.

When ordering new aprons for your front of house staff, consider each person’s role and what type of apron would be best for them. At Averill’s Sharper Uniforms we carry a wide selection of styles, colors and features to choose from, so you’ll always find the perfect aprons for your front of house staff. Browse our incredible selection today to find the looks you love or to discover something new.

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