How to Best Wash and Care for Your Hospitality Garments

Blog - 3.15.17


Now that you’ve ordered your brand new uniform from Sharper Uniforms, you’ll want to know how to properly care for it. Giving your uniforms (and all of your clothing, for that matter) the proper care will not only keep them looking bright and fresh for every wear, it will give them a much longer life. So, take a moment to review the proper care of your new uniform to keep yourself looking clean and professional while extending the life of your new purchase.

As a general rule, follow the washing instructions included on the label sewn into the seam of the uniform. Reduce wear and tear from the washing machine by turning your garments inside out before washing them. Always use a cold water washing cycle and wash each garment with clothing of like colors to avoid color bleeding. Use bleach only on white garments and pretreat organic stains on colored garments with Oxy Clean.

The most important step in lengthening the life of your new uniform is always to remember to tumble dry your garments on low heat. High heat from the dryer damages and breaks down clothing, making it wear down and fade much faster. Promptly remove clothing from the dryer after the drying cycle and hang them to avoid unnecessary wrinkles. Most garments from Sharper Uniforms are made with easy care fabrics that don’t require ironing. In the event that you do need to iron your uniform, only use low heat and make sure to turn the garment inside out before ironing to avoid leaving marks and exposing it to unnecessary heat.

If you follow these simple steps to keep your new uniform clean, dry and fresh, you will have a garment that lasts a very long time. By taking a little extra care, you’ll eliminate the need to continuously buy new clothing to replace items that have been ruined by excessive heat and poor care.

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