What’s Cookin’? It’s Time to Refresh Your Kitchen Uniforms, Chef Jackets, Pants, Hats and Aprons!


With all the oil, grease and dirty dishes that a restaurant kitchen sees every day, it’s no wonder that staff uniforms can start to look drab quickly. If you’re ready to give your kitchen employees a fresh, clean look that will last, check out the great selection of chef jackets, pants, hats and aprons at Sharper Uniforms. We have the stylish uniforms you’ve been searching for to outfit both your back and front of house staff.

Back of House Uniforms

Let’s start with the kitchen staff. These employees work so hard to dish up delicious eats for your customers, so it’s only fitting that they have a uniform that allows them to do the job comfortable. Sharper Uniforms offers a great selection of chef’s hats, aprons, pants and jackets that protect them from kitchen messes while still providing a polished and professional look. The materials are made to clean up easily and have a lightweight feel, which is a must-have in a hot, busy kitchen.

Front of House Uniforms

What about your front of house staff members who spend time both in and out of the kitchen? Wait staff aprons, blouses, button-down shirts and more are all available at Sharper Uniforms. Like the kitchen staff uniforms, these pieces are made to be easy to wash at home and lightweight enough that servers don’t feel too hot when buzzing about the restaurant.

Cool Customizations

Creating a recognizable and stylish brand is essential for any restaurant. You can create a more cohesive and professional look in your establishment by customizing your waitstaff and kitchen uniforms with your restaurant name or logo. Choose from screen-printing, embroidery or heat seal transfers to create customized uniforms for restaurant staff members.

If you’re ready to revamp the look your staff members are wearing, be sure to check out this great selection of server and kitchen uniforms from Sharper Uniforms. Our staff clothing is made to hold up well for years to come.

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