New Spring products from Down Under!

pinstripe blouse

Restaurant-owners know how to spot trends in taste.

Successful restauranteurs are experts at sifting through fluff-filled flavor forecasts to find the most intriguing ingredients and creative combinations. The menus are never permanent — always evolving, they represent a mix of classic staples with exciting infusions, perfectly curated by an expert chef.

If food is so influenced by the latest trends, clothing is doubly so. Styles constantly evolve, especially in women’s fashion, where new looks and designs show up in stores almost monthly.

Front of house workers put their energy into helping customers enjoy a fantastic meal. They know that their style is an important part of how they interact with customers. Like the chef knows how to best present a new entree, workers know what styles work best for their body types and activity levels.

Averill’s Sharper Uniforms has more than 16 years of experience helping hospitality workers look their best. As an active participant in the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and an affiliate member of the Club Manager’s Association of America, we know how important it is for uniforms to look like anything but uniforms.

We work hard to offer premium, high-quality clothing for the hospitality industry. That’s why we’re excited to offer these spring fashions from Down Under. Australian fashion is creating a worldwide buzz with its use of unique cuts, fine linens and breezy fits. These looks will thrill your workers and fit naturally with a wide variety of dining experiences.

Our new line from Australia offers fresh, new looks that mix professionality with style. Made with high-quality fabrics in a mix of colors, these options let employees express themselves and put their best image forward. This line includes a number of options:

  • A 3/4-sleeve pinstripe, buttoned blouse.
  • A satin tie nightclub blouse with capped sleeves.
  • A gathered top perfect for cocktail servers.
  • A men’s pinstripe tailored for waitstaff.
  • A yarn-dyed stretch blouse with a ruffle pleat.
  • A 3/4-sleeve satin blouse for hostesses.

We know that every employee in a restaurant is invested in its success. Our new line of styles fresh from Australia will give employees attractive, professional looks that help them be their best selves and help your restaurant reach new heights of style and professionalism.

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