Ladies Love Open Neck ¾ Sleeve Blouses for Summer


This summer, as the temperature heats up but your employees continue to work just as hard, they’ll need a change in uniform to keep up with the changing temperatures. You want your female employees to look just as smart and professional as they do in their long-sleeve button-down shirts and other cold-weather attire, so what’s the solution? Well, here at Sharper Uniforms we find that ladies love open neck three-quarter (3/4) sleeve blouses! Here’s why.

They’re cooler than other shirts.

Because these modern tops feature sleeves that hit just below the elbow rather than at the wrist, they’ll allow air to circulate and keep her forearms bare. They also feature open necks with button-down or crossover fronts that are a bit less constrictive than the usual button-down, collared blouse, but look just as professional. If you’re worried about your employees getting overheated while working outdoors or in a hot restaurant during hotter months, these are a great alternative.

They’re stylish.  

While our ¾ sleeve shirts look professional as part of a uniform, ladies also love them because they’re stylish and modern. These shirts have much of the same style as shirts that women wear in their own wardrobes, which makes them feel more confident and comfortable at work.

They come in a number of colors and styles.

If you’re looking to mix things up at your business for the changing seasons but don’t want to change the signature look of your uniforms, you’ll be happy to know that these ¾ sleeve shirts from Sharper Uniforms are completely customizable in your choice of colors, materials and styles. At Sharper Uniforms, we’ve committed to helping you find the best uniforms for your employees that also fit your needs as a business. Whether you prefer something in a crisp, sharp white, a bold red or a summer-inspired shade of teal, or have a set style in mind that you don’t want to give up, you’re sure to find the perfect solution in our selection of ¾ sleeve shirts for women.

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