It’s All About Vests!

Looking for a way to make your existing uniforms look sharper without replacing the entire uniform? Vests are where it’s at! Layering a vest under a server’s jacket or over a crisp, button-down shirt creates a clean and smart look that your customers are sure to notice. Here’s everything you need to know about incorporating vests into your business’s uniforms.

  • Add a classic black vest. One simple way to try out the vest look is by adding a simple, button-down vest in a basic black color. Sharper Uniforms carries many of these types of vests with V-necks and high-quality poly-wool blended fabrics that look great and won’t hold your employees
  • Try out a fun, bright color. If you want to add a pop of color to your servers’ uniforms, try adding a vest in an eye-catching shade over top of their white shirts. Sharper Uniforms carries vests in bold red, gold or navy blue, as well as a number of other sharp colors. You can even match your employees’ vests to the table linens and other details!
  • Add a textured print or pattern. Rather than adding a bold color to your uniforms, you might try adding a texture or pattern instead. A vest with a woven jacquard or swirl brocade is a nice touch, as are vests with subtle diamonds and dots that you won’t notice unless you look up close.

Incorporate a backless vest. If you want to have your employees wear vests under jackets or with matching bow ties, try out a backless vest rather than a full-bodied vest. These styles feature adjustable hook and loop fastener neck closures and adjustable elastic back straps and buckles for a comfortable fit, and because they’re less obtrusive than other styles, they’ll make it easier for servers to move around while working.

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