Replace Your Uniforms With Washable Suits

If you operate an upscale business and want your employees to look clean and sharp, it can be difficult with dry clean-only suits and uniforms. These types of common suits are expensive and time consuming to take care of, and while they look great when your employees are wearing them, they may start to look a bit worse for the wear if they aren’t able to clean them as frequently as they should.

So, what’s the solution? Here at Sharper Uniforms, we think that washable suits are the answer to your uniform woes! These stylish suits are just as attractive as other types of uniform suits, but with one big difference: You can wash them right in the washing machine.

Here are just a few reasons why we think washable suits are so great.ladies-extreme-washable-hotel-single-breasted-suit-coat-53

  • They’re lightweight. Because these uniforms are made of polyester, they’re both lightweight and breathable for a comfortable fit that’s easy to move in.
  • They’re stretchy. If your employees need a full range of motion to do their jobs properly, the twill weave in these suits offers a natural stretch that they’re sure to love.
  • They have a classic fit. The impeccable tailoring on these machine washable suits ensures that you won’t sacrifice style when switching from the traditional suit uniform. From the tailored jacket that rests just at the hip to the princess seams and darts that create shape, your employees are sure to look and feel their very best.
  • They’re fully lined. Unlike many budget suits, our machine washable suit uniforms are fully lined for a comfortable and luxurious fit.
  • They’re machine washable. Perhaps most importantly, these suits are machine washable! Rather than taking them to the dry cleaner each time they need washing, your employees can simply toss them in the washing machine and wash on a cold, gentle setting.
  • They’re quick drying. Not only are these suits able to be washed in the machine, they also dry quite quickly. The inner mesh at the shoulders, collar and elbows makes the lining dry quickly, so these suits can be worn again almost immediately.

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