Outerwear – Get ready for Fall/Winter!

Get ready for cold weather by giving your fall and winter outerwear selection an update. Your outerwear will likely be your most defining wardrobe pieces this winter, so it’s important to choose styles that are not only functional, but also fashionable. From lightweight half-zip sweaters to heavier three-season valet jackets with reflective stripes, there’s no shortage of good-looking, high-performance outwear options this season.hospitality-outerwear-22

For fall, lightweight coverage may be all you need. When the weather first starts to turn and sunny days turn into fall storms, a lightweight rain jacket will offer the protection you seek in a sleek package. Designed to offer coverage without the weight, the waterproof designs repel the rain and keep you dry. Many styles also offer protection against the wind, so you can brave whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Be sure to choose a rain jacket with a built-in hood for the best protection.

For those truly bone-chilling days, something a little heavier is in order. A heavyweight winter coat will keep you warm and dry while blocking the winter winds that can chill you to the bone. When choosing a winter coat, look for a design with multiple layers to help trap and lock-in body heat. Modern technology has allowed insulation materials to grow thinner by the day, meaning you can get some serious protection without the bulk. Look for a coat with plenty of pockets, water protection and a wide collar that can be turned up against a storm. For those that work outdoors, don’t forget reflective safety striping, which makes you more visible during those short winter days when darkness falls early.

Make the most of the fall and winter season by stepping out in style. Choose a design that’s as protective as it is attractive, and you’ll be sure to beat the winter blues. Visit Sharper Uniforms for the best selection of high-quality outerwear in the season’s hottest styles to take on even the most extreme fall and winter weather.

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