It’s Time to Trick or Treat: Outfit the Kids with Sharper Uniforms!

Kids spend most of fall looking forward to one thing: Halloween. While they are more concerned about a fun costume that doesn’t hinder the speed with which they can collect as much candy has possible, you want to make sure you outfit the kids safely. And kids-chef-coat-39it doesn’t hurt if the costume you pick looks so good that even the “super mom” down the street asks where you found it.

When you pick one of the kids’ costumes from Sharper Uniforms, you’ll hit all of the key points that will make both your and your child’s trick or treat time a great experience. Even better, we’re sure your child will want to wear the costume during play time, during birthday parties or when helping you with housework, making it a good value too!

Beyond looking great, you’ll want to make sure that your child’s trick or treat costume is safe to wear. Look for the following features in a great costume.

  • Avoid Compromising Vision: Kids tend to want to move fast when trick or treating, which means they need to be able to see where they’re going. Masks, huge wigs and beards can compromise vision. As an alternative to these items that can make it tough to see, consider face paint and makeup.
  • Flame Retardant: All kids costumes, whether they’re made for Halloween or not, should be flame retardant.
  • Light Colors: Because most Halloween activities will occur around dusk or at night, you want your children to be visible to motorists. Light colored clothing in the costume accomplishes this.
  • Props: Avoid props that are sharp or made of hard materials. If the child falls while carrying it, he or she could be injured.
  • Shoes: Avoid shoes that will make it tough for your child to walk without tripping or stumbling. High heels and over-sized shoes can make it tough for the child to move as quickly as he or she wants.

When looking for great kids costumes, check with Sharper Uniforms first! We have costumes at a great value that your kids will love to wear for trick or treating and for other activities year around.

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