Averill’s Sharper Uniforms Featured in Dec 2017 Issue of Bar Business Magazine!

Averill’s Sharper Uniforms is proud to have been featured in the December 2017 issue of Bar Business MagazineSharper Uniforms, the hospitality industry’s premier publication, alongside some of the most highly-respected companies in the restaurant, hospitality and specialty service industries.

Our Owner and Founder, Averill Bromfield, was interviewed by Bar Business Magazine to find out why he thinks finding a uniform that’s the right fit for your establishment is oh-so-vital to success.

“As they say, first appearance is everything,” Averill said in the interview. “[If] you give someone a drabby T-shirt, that’s gonna turn people away, even in casual restaurants.” And how true that statement is; how many times have you walked into a restaurant and immediately judged the quality of the establishment based upon the staff you were greeted by? Turns out, our mothers were right — first impressions are crucial.

It’s with this in mind that Averill’s Sharper Uniforms sets to work making the best-of-the-best uniforms in the industry. From our beginnings as a somewhat-local cutlery company, we recognized a need within the uniform industry and set to work to fill that void. Now, over 14 years later, we are a thriving uniform supplier providing superior service to companies around the globe. And while our business has gone global, our roots have remained proudly in the United States as all of our uniforms are proudly made right here at home using methods such as embroidery, screen-printing and heat transfers.

One of Averill’s top pieces of advice mentioned in the Bar Business Magazine interview was that the uniform “has to fit the concept” of the establishment. A high-end restaurant with servers in screen-printed T-shirts might set the wrong tone. In the same vein, staff members who don’t have uniforms which clearly set them apart can result in the awkward moment of a customer asking a fellow customer for assistance because they can’t quickly identify establishment employees. “It makes it a lot easier to say, ‘sir or miss, can you help me?’ without asking a customer by mistake,” says Averil.

Check out Bar Business Magazine’s December 2017 issue for the full interview and to read more about how Averill’s Sharper Uniforms can help your business stand out from the herd.

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