Get Ready for the Holidays with Washable Suiting!

The holiday season is upon us! This time is great for catching up with family and taking a break. What many do not realize, is the incredible opportunity professionals have to impress clients in a festive setting. It all starts with presentation. That’s where Sharper Uniforms unique selection of suits comes in.

Dress to Impressmen-s-extreme-washable-hotel-single-breasted-suit-coat-69

Sharper Uniforms uses nothing but the highest quality materials to compose their suits. As a result, the wearer carries an air of effortless style while maintaining remarkable comfort. These are first rate by any measure.

The Men’s Extreme Washable Hotel Single Breasted Suit Coat, for example, is made from 100 percent polyester. This suit feels like class. Classic tailoring and an excellent fit make for a look that is simply unforgettable.


While most companies would stop here, Sharper Uniforms goes the extra mile. Keeping the consumers best interests in mind, these suits are all machine washable. Easy to use instructions make the process a breeze. Everything is laid out in a straightforward fashion to make washing as smooth as possible.

This simple detail, reflected brilliantly in the Ladies Washable Hotel Single Breasted Microfiber Suit Coat, makes all the difference in your experience. Not only does it offer the most convenience, it saves untold dollars at the drycleaners.

Customers First

Sharper Uniforms has a track record of putting the customer first. From the luxury feel and comfort of their suits, to their innovations in washing, to the smallest details, like single vents in the back to maximize wearer comfort, every part is accounted for. This fact, combined with the other immense advantages offered by these suits, makes them a no-brainer.

If you’re ready to make a difference this holiday season, you need somewhere to start. Look no further than Sharper Uniforms! Let us equip you for the road ahead.

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