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Get Ready for the Holidays with Washable Suiting!

The holiday season is upon us! This time is great for catching up with family and taking a break. What many do not realize, is the incredible opportunity professionals have to impress clients in a festive setting. It all starts with presentation. That’s where Sharper Uniforms unique selection of suits comes in. Dress to Impress […]

Replace Your Uniforms With Washable Suits

If you operate an upscale business and want your employees to look clean and sharp, it can be difficult with dry clean-only suits and uniforms. These types of common suits are expensive and time consuming to take care of, and while they look great when your employees are wearing them, they may start to look […]

How to Best Wash and Care for Your Hospitality Garments

  Now that you’ve ordered your brand new uniform from Sharper Uniforms, you’ll want to know how to properly care for it. Giving your uniforms (and all of your clothing, for that matter) the proper care will not only keep them looking bright and fresh for every wear, it will give them a much longer […]

Start of the New Year: Time to Order Catalogs and Samples

It’s the start of a new year and it’s time to order your catalogs and samples from Sharper Uniforms. Whether you want to jazz up your server’s uniforms to match your 2016 business goals or replace your team’s old and outdated styles, Sharper Uniforms is on hand to help you outfit your whole team affordably […]

No Iron Garments is the Way to Go

Picture this: You walk into a nice restaurant complete with elegant décor. The tablecloths and napkins are crisp and clean, and the silverware is perfectly placed. Just then, your server walks up. Their shirt is incredibly wrinkly, giving off a disheveled look like they just rolled out of bed. We’re betting an encounter like this […]

Washable Suits Now Available at Sharper Uniforms

There’s just something about outfitting your front desk staff in sharp looking suits. Your clients get a sense of confidence when they see a well-dressed front-of-the-house staff. We’ll admit it—it’s not difficult to find the right suit for your team. But it’s not always easy to keep those suits looking fresh and clean. You never […]

When to Change your Apron

We have such a wide selection of waitstaff aprons here at Sharper Uniforms, that you can find the perfect one for every situation. If your staff uses aprons on the job, you should make sure that they’re doing it properly. After all, the purpose of an apron is to protect your clothing from whatever you’re […]

Caring for Hospitality Outerwear

Winter is upon us, and that means that your staff is going to have to take care of their hospitality outerwear. We have a few tips for keeping different outdoor garments clean this season. Coats The frequency with which you clean your coat doing the winter depends on your daily environment. If your business is […]

Outfitting Your Maintenance Staff

One of the most often overlooked, but absolutely critical pieces of your support staff is the maintenance team. They keep the hotel running smoothly and are on hand to fix all of your minor, and major, crises. Their work isn’t always glamorous – not that you’d expect that from unclogging toilets and shoveling snow. However, […]

Why Garment Care Is A Big Deal

You’ve probably got a favorite shirt that you take extra care of. It gets washed on the gentle cycle and is never left in a rumpled heap on the floor. But what about your professional wardrobe? Does it get the same love and attention? If you’re not taking proper care of your career clothing, you’ll […]