What Women Want


No, this post isn’t a look into the most closely guarded secret in the universe! It’s a look into the type of shirts that women working in the hospitality industry prefer! Not all shirts are made equal and there are certain styles that are more flattering for the ladies.

Many women prefer a more fitted blouse/button down shirt rather than the boxier standard shirt that men wear, which can look like a sack of potatoes on a woman. Many companies who looked for uniforms for their employees used to stick with the simple polo, but more people are moving toward the button down shirt. As a result, women have become more particular about style on the job and feel more feminine with a v-neck blouse such as our stretch fitted blouse, or a classic open neck blouse. Women have very specific wants/needs when it comes to a blouse, there has been an increase in the trend of more of a fitted look for women.

If you’re thinking about updating your uniforms, why not talk to the women you’ll be dressing to see what they prefer. It’s not always one style fits on all the job, and when your female staff are comfortable with their uniforms, you can count on happier, more productive staff!

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