What is a Casual Dress Code?

For employees that work behind the scenes, a uniform might not be necessary. But what exactly is a casual dress code in a business office? It’s important for employees to know that casual, relaxed, or informal clothing should be comfortable without being distracting in any way. When defining a casual dress code, consider the clients that your company is serving, also.

sharper uniforms casual dress code

It should go without saying that some casual attire is not appropriate for office use. For example, any clothing that might be worn to the beach, to the gym, or while doing yard work would more than likely be the type of clothing that shouldn’t be worn to work. Your wardrobe reflects your professionalism.

What if you work in a causal office and you have to make a client visit? Some might argue that you should research that particular client and see what their acceptable dress code is and then match your attire accordingly. After all, the term “casual” might mean one thing in your workplace, and something entirely different in another.

It should be noted that no dress code can cover everything—there are always loopholes or exceptions. Try to find a balance between dressy and casual clothing. Consider wearing one of the Ladies Blouses from Sharper Uniforms with a clean pair of jeans.

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