This Just In! New Server Vests, Washable Vests and Economy Vests

The solution to saving money without skimping on the quality of your staff’s attire is to pay a visit to Averill’s Sharper Uniforms to see their vast selection of washable vests, economy vests and other server vests.

Server vests for men and women come in striped “Gangster,” Paisley Brocade, Backless, Sticks & Stones, Matrix styles and more. The Gangster vests feature four buttons and two lower pockets. These vests, which are not lined, are made from yarn dyed twill fabric so the stripes won’t wash off. Men’s and Ladies’ Paisley Brocade vests available in four colors are 100% polyester and exhibit a look of refinement that will fit well with the staff of a more upscale establishment. The Paisley Brocade vests are wrinkle-resistant and fully lined with an inside tunnel adjustment for a better fit. Unisex Backless Server vests come in Paisley, Fiesta, Sticks & Stones and Matrix styles, sport an elegant cut and have an adjustable Velcro neck closure and adjustable elastic back strap and buckle.

Striped Waiter Vest

Men’s and women’s Classic Economy Vests available at Sharper Uniforms have a design that strikes a happy medium between durability and lighter weight. This uniform vest, which has the same fabric on both the front and the back, comes in eight unique colors so you can select the one that best conveys the branding you seek in your restaurant or hotel staff. Each vest, which is fully lined, has five buttons, four inside pockets and two outside welt pockets. The economy vests are machine washable and 100% polyester. Vests for cooks and concert performers are among the others Sharper Uniforms offers at economy prices.

Washable vests for hotel staff have a fabric back, are fully lined, 100% polyester and can be taken home and laundered by your staff rather than them going to the trouble of sending them out to be dry cleaned. The women’s washable hotel vests sport a tailored fit with front/back darts and a V-notch bottom.

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