Restaurant, Clubhouse and Hotel Uniform Buying Tips and Tricks

Clubhouse Uniforms & Industry Insights
The Club Business Expo, also known as the CMAA World Conference, is an annual event run by the Club Management Association of America (CMAA) and is an assembly of some of the world’s finest country clubs, membership clubs, and other hospitality organizations. The trade show is one of the largest within the industry, thanks largely to the great opportunity it holds for General Managers and their teams. This event allows them to brush shoulders with industry giants, connect with peers, and discuss the trends and insights that they have experienced over the past year.

The event is also a chance for GMs or Presidents to come face to face with their vendors- and many of them choose Sharper Uniforms for their vendor needs. At the 2019 CMAA Business Expo, Averill was invited to speak on the uniform buying industry and shared his best practices and tips for those new or unfamiliar with the business.

sharper uniforms - ladies hotel woven v-neck blouse in blue

Customizations: Embroidery, Heat Seal and More
Our partners choose Sharper Uniforms as their supplier for our available range of products, our personable customer service, and the scope of customizations we provide on nearly every item in our catalog. In this video, Averill discusses the behind-the-scenes details of the different customization processes and shares live examples of each.
At Sharper Uniforms, we’re proud to offer a variety of different customizations, including embroidery, screen printing, and heat seal transfers. As Averill explains, each of these personalization options have their unique best practices and specific uses. Embroidery is bold and draws the eye immediately, but higher thread counts will directly influence costs. Heat Seals are similar to high-performance stickers and have been a convenient replacement of tags on garments. Heat Seals can be extremely reflective, making them excellent choices for reflective outerwear, like outdoor valet jackets.

sharper uniforms - heat seal transfer customization example

Sample Your Fabrics and Colors
One of the most common mistakes when it comes to uniform purchasing is sampling the fabric under bright, fluorescent lights. GMs or other purchasing managers will view products online or get samples in their office and see one color, only to be dismayed that the colors will change dramatically under the dimmer lights of the dining area or under the brighter sun in the patio. It’s paramount to have your fabric samples in your actual venue, as the lighting will heavily influence the perceived colors of your uniforms.

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