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Sharper Uniforms Has Your Polomania Needs Covered
Spring and summer are a prime time for businesses to make changes, especially in the food service and hospitality industries. It’s a good time for a restaurant to alter the menu and freshen up the decor, and it’s also a perfect timing for managers to do themselves and their waitstaff a favor by updating their work shirts with new polos from Sharper Uniforms.

Visit a high-end department store and you might find men’s polo shirts and women’s polo shirts made by designer Peter Millar. Made from around 90% polyester and around 10% spandex, this polo collection is super comfortable and has great stretch, so it’s easy to move around. The only problem is that big price tag — they could be $100 or more.

At Sharper Uniforms, we offer polos with the same fabric content and stylish appearance, only at a much lower price. The shirts are comfortable, so they are ideal for a range of professional environments in which workers need to look good but be able to move around freely. Here are a few features:
Couple wearing fitted classic polos
Three-quarter-sleeve and half-sleeve men’s polo shirts and women’s polo shirts are especially good for waitstaff. The sleeves won’t get wet when they wash their hands and won’t get dirty when they’re handling food or cleaning up. And of course, they won’t be as hot as long sleeves. Getting hot and stressed while rolling sleeves up over and over again because they keep falling back down is frustrating, especially in a fast-paced work environment.

Staying Dry
Busy workers can work up a sweat in the summertime, even indoors. Our polyester-spandex blend fabric is ideal for moisture wicking. Unlike cotton, this fabric absorbs very little moisture. Instead, it carries, or wicks, the moisture to the outer surface of the shirt. There, it spreads out and evaporates. Meanwhile, the shirts dry quickly so workers are not weighed down with a heavy, sweaty shirt. The shirt allows air in and the sweat out, so skin feels dry. Your staff will be thankful.

Waitstaff polo shirts that are consistent in color and style will give your staff a professional look. The shirts can also be customized by adding the company logo, an investment worth making to enhance your branding efforts.

Snag Protection
Managers and workers all want the staff to look sharp, and not much is sloppier than a shirt or any article of clothing with frayed or loose threads. That’s why the fabrics in our polos are specially engineered to be resistant to snags.
Navy Blue Fitted Short Sleeve Polo
Other Polos
At Sharper Uniforms, we have a wide selection of other men’s polo shirts and women’s polo shirts that come in a variety of colors and fabrics. For those who prefer cotton to our polyester favorites, we have 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blends.

Much of our polo collection is also laundry friendly, fade resistant and treated with an anti-microbial fabric shield to combat odor. Options are available for sleeves, side vents, buttons and snaps, UV protection and tagless collars. Choose from fitted and boxy cuts and eight different sizes to get the perfect style for your workplace.

Depending on how casual the restaurant or other business is, our polos can be paired with jeans, shorts, khakis and even dressier slacks. The staff will appreciate the comfort these shirts provide and how good they look. Better yet, the bottom line will look good too.

Fine Dining Apparel & Warm Outerwear In Spring 2019

Sharper Uniforms Has You Covered for the Lion or the Lamb
The seasons are changing rapidly, so be sure that you and your team are prepared with the latest trends and comfortable apparel from Sharper Uniforms. No matter what the weather turns to, be it the lamb or the lion, Sharper Uniforms has fashionable fine-dining apparel and warm, durable outerwear so your team will look as good as they feel.

Fine Dining Apparelblack and white striped non-iron blouse
The Spring season is packed with events and functions for clubs and restaurants alike. To create a true fine-dining experience, it’s paramount that your team reflects the class and dignity of the ambiance. Set the perfect stage with these fitted Ladies Non-Iron Blouses, and you’ll create an experience that your guests will never forget. These blouses have been uniquely designed to provide that professional “je ne sais quoi” without the usual hassles of collared shirts. The 50-singles yarn has been specially treated to provide lasting comfort through the long functions, and the non-iron finish makes these blouses ready-to-go straight out of the locker room.

Take advantage of our customizations to further enhance these blouses with your unique logo and branding. Sharper Uniforms offers a full line of detailing, which includes embroidery, screen printing and heat seal transfers.

Blue Mens Valet Rain Jacket from Sharper UniformsComfortable and Durable Outerwear

Don’t have disillusions about the spring weather- especially in New England! The weather’s temperament is subject to change at a moment’s notice so take the proper precautions so that you’re not underprepared. Sharper Uniforms is here to help with a full selection of hospitality outerwear that includes windbreakers, winter jackets and waterproof jackets.

The Men’s Reflective Rain Jacket is the perfect marriage between comfort and protection. It’s seam-sealed design creates a reflective, waterproof shield that’s guaranteed to keep you dry and protected while its lightweight material maximizes comfort over long hours. Keep your team happy through the spring showers with these latest additions in the Sharper Uniforms offering!

Join Sharper Uniforms at the 2019 CMAA Club Business Expo

CMAA 2019 Club Business Expo
Don’t sacrifice your budget to outfit your restaurant and clubhouse staff with the latest uniform or attire styles! Visit Averill and the Sharper Uniforms team at the CMAA Club Business Expo on February 26th and 27th at the Nashville Music City Center at Booth #602 and learn how we’ve supported country clubs of all sizes with their uniform and hospitality attire programs!mens white steward jacket from sharper uniforms

Our selection of uniforms covers a variety of different industries and can be uniquely branded with customized embroidery, screen printing, or heat seal transfers. We look forward to meeting you and helping you and your club! Please ask us about our show specials!

See you at the show!
The CMAA Club Business Expo is one of the largest events of its kind in America. The General Managers, CEOs, and management teams of some of the world’s most prestigious clubs are among the attendees. Hundreds of other vendors and industry authorities will also be in attendance.

mens black steward jacketAverill and the Sharper Uniforms Team are eager to meet and speak with all of you. We have supported local and national clubs of all sizes and types for years- whether they are yacht clubs,

restaurants, country clubs, or golf facilities. If you can’t visit us at the booth, then join us at the stage at the ClubHouse Live Stage, where Averill Bromfield, owner of Averill’s Sharper Uniforms, will be delivering his speech.

His anticipated talking points will be centered on a continuation from his speech last year, where he shared insights and best practices for sourcing the most functional and aesthetic uniforms and attire for clubs that won’t break the budget. As always, seeing is believing so we will have materials on hand to demonstrate the value of our comfortable, stylish, yet very durable uniforms.

The event is the perfect place to network with fellow colleagues and professionals with many vendors to offer their guidance and expertise. We hope to see you among the crowd!

Children’s Chef Uniforms as the Perfect Culinary Gift

The Perfect Gift for Your Aspiring Chef
When it comes to cooking with your kids, the expression, “Too many cooks”, kids one size fits all white chef hatjust doesn’t seem to fit. Rather than sending them out of the kitchen, encourage and nurture the love of food and cooking within your children with these timeless Kid’s Chef Uniforms from Sharper Uniforms. Children and parents alike will fall in love with the customizable children’s’ chef apparel.

Our catalog covers all the necessities of a world-class chef, so you or your junior culinary artist will be able to find something to love. Like most of our selections at Sharper Uniforms, these pint-sized uniforms are also available for customization and personalization with embroidery, screen printing, and heat seal transfers.

Kids’ Chef Coat and Chef’s Hat
When it comes to the Chef’s attire, no accessories are as timeless as the Chef Coat and the Chef Hat. These two items go hand in hand when it comes to “fine dining” and it is no surprise that they have become fast favorites for parents and children alike.

kids white chef jacket and coatThe Chef Jacket is a near perfect replica of our adult counterparts, and they feature the same expert tailoring in the adult counterparts, which uses 100% cotton. Our selection of jackets feature most sizes, from XS (size 2-3) to XL (sizes 11-12) so your chef-in-training will find the perfect fit. The iconic symbol of the jacket in tandem with the comforting, soft feel of the jacket’s texture will inspire your tiny chef to reach new heights in the culinary world.


The Chef’s Hat is the chef’s most recognized accessory. As professional and amateur chefs can attest, the hat alone provides inspiration and legitimacy. Support your burgeoning chef’s passion with this 100% cotton constructed hat that completes the professional cook’s ensemble. These hats are one size fits most, and maintains the traditional shape in a variety of different colors, such as the classic white and more fun varieties like lemons, donuts, and veggies! Browse our selection and see which one captures the spirit of your tiny tot chef the best!


Look Good, Feel Good, and Cook Good Food!

Putting on the entire chef’s attire is just as comforting and rewarding as putting on your lucky shirt or your favorite suit. Looking the part projects an aura of authenticity and is, as many say, half the battle. Help your tiny sous chef achieve this with our line of fully customizable children’s chef uniforms and you will be rewarded with many meal preps filled with love and great food.

New Collections of Team Sportswear, Uniforms, and Apparel

The road to the championship starts at home. Dressing like a champion makes you feel like a champion, elevating your game both on and off the field. If you’re in the market for new kits or jerseys for both home and away games, then look no further than the latest addition to the Sharper Uniforms collection, which offers Youth Sports Teamwear and Apparel. These high-quality uniforms and jackets provide the durability, the comfort, and the style of a future champion. Our latest collections include athletic kits for soccer, softball and basketball and we comfortable outerwear with Varsity Jackets.

Men's Geo Print Soccer Jersey in BlackUniforms Unique to Your Team
Every team deserves to have their own unique spirit and colors brought into the limelight, and Sharper Uniforms is here to help. We offer our kits in a variety of today’s trending styles and colors so that every team can find something that suits them. Only the best materials were used in creating these kits, and the 100% polyester wicking knit material will keep you cool and performing at your highest level all game long.

Of course, no jersey can be thought to be complete without your custom logo or team’s personalization. Sharper Uniforms is proud to say that we offer our full range of customization on these uniforms, with embroidery, screen printing, and heat seal transfers. The full scope of customizations can accommodate most requests.

Soccer Uniform Solutions
Although it was once overshadowed by more popular pastimes and sports like Baseball, Football, and Basketball, Soccer has garnered significant popularity in the last decade, which has largely been spearheaded by the rise in the MLS pro scene. With this spike in public interest and its growing popularity, keeping your home and away kits updated with the latest styles and colors can be paramount to its success. Your future champions deserve to be kitted in uniforms that reflect their hard work and their passion. Browse our unique catalog and its wide array of different colors and styles to find one that best matches your team dynamic.

Varsity Jackets for Comfort and Style
The ultimate accessory for any athlete can be held Men's Red and White Letterman Varsity Jacketwithin the Varsity Jacket, which is also called the Letter Jacket. Although it was once appraised as a status-symbol among the athletic elite, these Letterman or Varsity Jackets now provide everyday comfort and style to anybody who wants to showcase their team or school pride.

The jackets are available in Melton Wool, which provides high-quality comfort and surprising durability. The Letterman has vinyl sleeves and two front pockets and features an additional quilted lining for added warmth. Sizes are available for athletes in a variety of different sizes, from S to 3XL.

Zipper Ties: The Perfect Tie for Servers and Staff

Flexible, affordable and always professional, zipper ties are the go-to choice for discerning restauranteurs. From wait staff to bus boys, hostesses and more, zipper ties keep your forward-facing staff looking their best without the effort required in wearing a standard tie. From the front, a zipper tie is virtually indistinguishable from any other type of tie. From the back, a hidden zipper is revealed that makes wearing and removing the tie as easy as putting on a pair of socks.

What is a Zipper Tie?
Back side of black zipper tie
A zipper tie is simply a necktie with a hidden zipper mechanism. They look just like conventional ties, but they are pre-tied with a Windsor knot. In order to get the tie over the head, the neck loop is adjustable and includes a zipper mechanism to quickly tighten or loosen the tie. They can be worn by men or women and once the ties are in place, there’s no indication that they’re anything other than the real deal.

What Styles do Zipper Ties Come in?
Solid Color Zipper Ties
Zipper ties come in all shapes, colors and styles. They’re pre-tied, so they’re easy to put on and take off. Servers and other customer-facing members of your staff can achieve a professional and uniform appearance by wearing the same color and style of tie. The term zipper tie does not describe the width, color or style of the tie, but rather the zipping mechanism on the neck band that allows the tie to be quickly adjusted and secured.

For business owners, consider changing the color and style of your staff’s ties with the season. Choose colorful or fun ties to give your staff’s uniforms a playful touch. Looking for something that’s more aimless and can be worn all year? Try out a pre-tied navy blue uniform tie or a red zipper tie. Zipper ties are some of the more economical options on the market, so stock up on styles for every season.

Are Zipper Ties Professional?
Solid Colors Zipper Ties Examples
Zipper ties are one of the few dress accessories that successfully strike the perfect balance between professionalism and convenience. They’re ideal for high-end restaurants, grocery store staff and anyone else that is required to wear a tie as part of the corporate dress code. Adding a tie to a uniform instantly upgrades the appearance of the wearer and gives them a professional look. A zipper tie is a great way to get the professional appearance your business needs without the hassle of a traditional necktie.

Why are Zipper Ties Perfect for the Service Industry?

There are dozens of ways a tie can be tied. In the service industry, uniformity is valued, so it’s important to have your entire staff look the same. Part of that includes having everyone wear the same color and style of tie. Rather than specifying a knot to be used, a pre-tied tie is a great option. It saves time and ensures that your entire front-of-house looks the same. A zipper tie takes the notion of a pre-tied necktie to the next level, offering a simple solution to make dressing and undressing easier. Zipper ties are perfect for the service industry because they help streamline your staff and will keep everyone looking their best.

For the best selection of premium zipper ties in a wide range of colors and styles, visit Sharper Uniforms. We carry zipper ties for every occasion and for every job description. Order your favorite zip-up ties today and give your staff the gift of style and convenience.

Holiday Formal Jackets & Blazers for Staff in Uniform

Shine in Holiday Finery

It’s just around the corner: the festive season. Get into the holiday spirit by choosing formal jackets for all of your staff. Formal jackets for waiters and waitresses are the touch that can give your restaurant, event or venue its celebratory twinkle. Alongside festoons and Christmas trees, these black-tie-inspired jackets are a necessity for any formal wintertime event. Dressed in jackets from Sharper Uniforms, your staff will set the stage for a moment to remember.

Jackets for Ladiesladies-one-button-shawl-eton-jacket-54

A perfect seasonal uniform for the ladies, our luxurious, lined Eton jacket is unmatched in class when paired with a bow tie. Opt to replace a traditional vest with an Eton jacket to instantly transform a vested uniform for a more formal occasion. This combination looks elegant whether behind a customer service desk or within a restaurant.

Women’s jackets that look sensational at holiday events can also be highly reliable. Our Women’s Steward Jacket is a dependable jacket with a cut straight for a formal and sophisticated look. This ladies’ jacket is unlined to permit total freedom of movement and maximum comfort for wearers. They easily suit up using the zipper closure concealed behind the durable set of faux buttons. Spill-repellent fabric guarantees this jacket can be worn year after year.



Blazers for Male Staff

Charm your Christmastime clientele with uniforms for male staff that look positively first class. For example, staff will be ready for white-glove service at holiday banquets wearing our classic Men’s One Button Tuxedo Jacket. This lined jacket perfectly complements a formal look with its rich satin notch lapel and welt chest pocket.

Let your holiday celebration rise to the occasion by decking out male staff in a Formal Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket. Our polished blazer is sure to leave a lasting impression, whether in a customer service or a food service context. This jacket stays true to fit and color in the wash as it is made of 100 percent polyester.



Customized Seasonal Uniforms

Holiday events are an opportunity to raise your brand’s profile while your staff looks their best. Our holiday jacket selections are available with branding, so your signature logo can be applied to any jacket. Heat Seal Transfers are one way of preserving logo details, and screen printing of logos is another excellent option. Call us today and we will do our best to meet your precise needs.

Get Ready for the Holidays with Washable Suiting!

The holiday season is upon us! This time is great for catching up with family and taking a break. What many do not realize, is the incredible opportunity professionals have to impress clients in a festive setting. It all starts with presentation. That’s where Sharper Uniforms unique selection of suits comes in.

Dress to Impressmen-s-extreme-washable-hotel-single-breasted-suit-coat-69

Sharper Uniforms uses nothing but the highest quality materials to compose their suits. As a result, the wearer carries an air of effortless style while maintaining remarkable comfort. These are first rate by any measure.

The Men’s Extreme Washable Hotel Single Breasted Suit Coat, for example, is made from 100 percent polyester. This suit feels like class. Classic tailoring and an excellent fit make for a look that is simply unforgettable.


While most companies would stop here, Sharper Uniforms goes the extra mile. Keeping the consumers best interests in mind, these suits are all machine washable. Easy to use instructions make the process a breeze. Everything is laid out in a straightforward fashion to make washing as smooth as possible.

This simple detail, reflected brilliantly in the Ladies Washable Hotel Single Breasted Microfiber Suit Coat, makes all the difference in your experience. Not only does it offer the most convenience, it saves untold dollars at the drycleaners.

Customers First

Sharper Uniforms has a track record of putting the customer first. From the luxury feel and comfort of their suits, to their innovations in washing, to the smallest details, like single vents in the back to maximize wearer comfort, every part is accounted for. This fact, combined with the other immense advantages offered by these suits, makes them a no-brainer.

If you’re ready to make a difference this holiday season, you need somewhere to start. Look no further than Sharper Uniforms! Let us equip you for the road ahead.

Smart Sweater Weather Tips for Hospitality Staff

A smartly designed sweater can be as professional as a jacket or shirt and tie in the hospitality industry. Unlike a bulky jacket, a sweater can warm up your staff and create a welcoming setting at your resort, restaurant or hotel on cooler weather days, when you set your thermostat for comfort.


Choose the right styles

Two classic choices for long-sleeve sweaters are the pullover V-neck sweater and button-up style. If you choose matching or complementary colors, you can even choose both to keep your staff inside and outdoors looking professional. Offering your staff members two choices will allow a staff member who doesn’t feel comfortable in a pullover V-neck to choose a cardigan, and vice versa. Sharper Uniforms makes affordably priced styles for men and women, and can help you choose complementary shirts, ties, slacks and skirts.



Vest solutions

For cool weather months that don’t reach freezing, or for staff members that frequently move from outside to inside over the course of a workday, the best solution is sometimes the vest solution. A vest is an easy-off, easy-on answer to changing temperatures indoors and outdoors. At Sharper Uniforms, V-neck pullover varsity sweater vests with smart trim are available in unisex sizes. With money-saving unisex sleeveless vests, you won’t have to guess how many vests to order for men and how many to stock for women at hospitality industry locales with year-to-year or seasonal staff turnover.

Coats versus jacketsladies-hospitality-sweaters-9

Heavy coats can prove too bulky for some busy winter resort staff or outside parking lot attendants. For less bulk, consider lower-cost resort hotel zip-up fleece jackets from Sharper Uniforms. Hotel staff workers like this style’s trimmer fit, looser arms, chin guard and plenty of lined pockets. For even less bulk, consider fine-gauge zipper sweaters with hemmed cuffs and bottoms from Sharper Uniforms. Add or subtract layers, depending on the season or morning-to-nightfall changes in daily temperatures.

At Sharper Uniforms, you can choose from dozens of colors and sweater styles for men and women in sizes that range from extra small to 4XL. Shop this year’s go-to styles for men’s and women’s V-neck sweaters, and lightweight long cardigan sweaters for women. Find classic and contemporary styles in uniforms for formal to ultra-casual restaurant, resort and hotel settings.

Summer Waist Aprons

reversible three pocket waist apronOur summer waist aprons are proof that you don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort to get a durable work garment that does its job. Sharper Uniforms makes these aprons right in the U.S., using high-quality materials such as cotton, twill and durable polyester. These aprons feature soil- and wrinkle-resistant finishes and are reinforced at stress points so they hold up to the demands of the most rigorous food service jobs, all while being perfectly suited for summer.

They come in a variety of unisex designs that are flattering on men and women, with styles that range from basic and casual to more upscale. Whether you’re looking for buckle-styles or aprons with extra-long strings, we have many options to choose from, such as pencil dividers, reversibility and extender belts for plus-size workers.

Our most popular design, for example, is our three-pocket waist apron with a fast-release belt buckle and extra-long ties. It comes in a variety of neutral, bright and pastel colors. To accommodate larger sizes, an optional extender belt can be added for 8-15 additional inches.

Our reversible three-pocket waist aprons are also very popular in the summer. two pocket scalloped apron with reversible optionWith pockets on both sides, it’s so easy to just switch to the other side when one side of this apron gets soiled. This apron is ideal for long shifts or all-day events.

For a little extra flair, kick it up a notch with the elegant look of our two-pocket scalloped apron that comes with a reversible option. Or if you want to keep it more casual, our three-pocket denim waist apron is a surefire hit.

Besides being able to pick the style, color and options that are just right for your business, don’t forget that all our aprons can be customized with your logo, business slogan or any special message that you want. Options include embroidery, silk screening, and heat seal transfers. And if you need even more customization, we can design a special apron specifically for your unique needs.