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Dressing For Success: Interview Fashion

When you’re looking to land the job of your dreams, shouldn’t you be thinking about the impression you’re making? More often than not, those little details that can make or break an interview go unnoticed and in the end, can make all the difference in a hiring. If you’re about to go to an interview […]

How to Choose the Right Tie

Professional males already know that the tie is an essential wardrobe piece. Able to accessorize suits and dress shirts easily for a put-together, clean look, neckties offer a very classic touch to any outfit. To find the right necktie for you, keep in mind these easy tips from SharperUniforms.com: Length While most ties have a […]

Fashion Classics for a Complete Closet

When choosing the right pieces for your wardrobe, what comes to mind? The hottest trends? Comfortable cuts? How about classic pieces that can carry you through the years? Choosing the right fashion pieces to complete your closet is important, especially if you want to keep up a stylish appearance while being practical. Here are 7 […]